Ramey’s Marketplace History

Ramey’s Marketplace is a family tradition starting back in the early 1950’s when Herbert Ramey Sr. saw a need in rural Wayne County, MS. He started the first traveling grocery “store” that would visit the local communities to provide the residents with fresh meats and produce. As times changed he converted his traveling “store” to a store front business in Waynesboro, MS. Herbert Ramey Jr. and his son Brad Ramey have carried on the tradition by growing the business to now owning and operating 22 stores in central and south Mississippi and west and southwest Alabama.

Ramey’s, which is integrating a fourth generation, has a workforce of over 700 employees. The growth has allowed the company to expand its operations and its reputation for consistency for the greater part of a century. Ramey’s partners with local and national vendors to aid Ramey’s in delivering on the promise of maintaining the highest level of competitively priced products and customer service.

Quality in the Bag

As Ramey’s sports on the front page of its flyers: “You’ve got Quality in the bag.” Customers can be assured that they’re purchasing items at a price that competes with those of larger, corporately owned chain retailers. Ramey’s also promises to provide products that exceed the freshest standards in all perishable items. It is widely known that you will find the freshest meat and produce every time you shop one of our stores. “You’ve got Quality in the bag.”

The company understands that times are tough in most households so it works to give customers the most value for their money. One of the many ways Ramey’s has made grocery shopping easier on consumers’ wallets is by implementing the Ramey’s Rewards Card. Customers loyalty is rewarded with each purchase made that allows for the accumulation of points which can be redeemed for super hot priced promotional items.

Ramey’s seeks to give families what the Ramey family itself needs and expects: a high-quality product at a reasonable price. Ramey’s Marketplace continues to adapt to a changing economic climate, never forsaking quality for price as it addresses the needs of customers throughout the Mississippi and Alabama.